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Classic Texas Tech graduation shots you don’t want to miss

As much as I love branching out and trying something new or different for a client’s Texas Tech senior photos, there are some tried and true photo ideas that are absolute classics. If you’re a Tech senior and you’re planning your graduation session, here’s what you won’t want to pass up on.


The seal

The Texas Tech seal is undeniably the most iconic and most highly requested location for TTU senior photos. I have a whole blog post here about minimizing your time waiting in line at the seal that I highly encourage you to check out.


The arches

The arched breezeway by the biology building is another super popular spot for Tech seniors. It’s not overtly Texas Tech themed, so it’s good for photos you can use long-term, but it’s still a classic location for graduation photos.


The science building

I love photos at the science building! Photos taken here look really professional to me. I also think that the balcony looks very luxury because of the intricate stone pillars. I always encourage clients to take off their stoles or caps and gowns here to get some good headshots they can use on their LinkedIn or at their new jobs. It’s also just a total Tech staple because the entrance to campus points directly towards it.


Will Rogers and Soapsuds statue

You can stand next to the statue, hold onto the reins, or if you really want to, you can climb up and sit on the saddle with Will. I’ve had clients do it all.


The fountain

I would recommend saving this one for last, but you can bring a bottle of champagne to pop while you stand in the fountain. Just make sure you pack a few towels so you can dry off afterwards!


Guns up

I try to remember to have my clients do a guns up at every location. These are perfect if you’re sending out graduation announcements. I love a guns up with any pose or location - it always adds an element of celebration. If you’re commemorating your time at Texas Tech, you can’t get the full experience without some guns up photos.


Wear the regalia that you want to wear

Some clients choose to wear their full cap, gown, and stole, while some only want a piece or two of it. I typically recommend bringing everything so we can get at least one photo of you wearing it all (parents love these), but if that’s really not you, then only bring what you like! If you think a cap might mess up your hair and you don’t want to wear it, then don’t! If you like your outfit too much and don’t want to cover it with the gown, leave the gown at home and just wear your stole. All in all, bring what you’re comfortable in and what you think you’ll like to look back on.


To wrap it up, here are the classic Texas Tech graduation photo locations: the seal, the arches, the science building, Will Rogers statue, and the fountain. And here are the extra tips: don’t forget to get some guns up photos, and include some of your graduation regalia, but don’t feel pressured to wear it all unless you want to.

Maybe you’re less interested in the traditional Texas Tech graduation photos, and you’re wanting to do something different. Or maybe you like some of the classic shots but also want your own spin on your senior photos. If either of those sound like you, you can check out my resource on making your Texas Tech senior photos more personal to you.

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